We believe in people

Yesterday, on 6th March, MEPs from the European People?s Party (EPP) party began their two-day 2014 elections congress in Dublin. In addition, study days have been organised to run in parallel to the main event. These will allow participants to debate on the future of Europe and the opportunities available to the citizens of the European Union. Special focus will be given to micro, small and medium businesses and the opportunities for growth on the internal market. A member of the Slovenian delegation to the Congress is also MEP Zofija Mazej Kukovič.

During the Congress, Mazej Kukovič will focus on the areas of activity which would enable people to find both employment and regular income on the European market. The central thread of her speeches is the need to merge modern technology with the knowledge and tradition of our ancestors.

?It is not enough to merely speak on the digitalisation of Europe and the need to ensure every household will have access to broadband internet by 2016. We must bring this technology and its use closer to the citizens, especially the older generation, since our youth takes it for granted. Digitalisation will allow us to lower operating costs of our companies, healthcare systems and last but not least, our consumers, who pay for expensive postal and other services. Instead of receiving a bill half a square metre in size, they will pay for it electronically. The amount of mail has diminished by half in the past decade, so this is an opportunity for new enterprises in the field of social media and especially for our youth.?

The primary topics of the EPP elections congress is on creating new jobs and restoring the trust of citizens in the European Union. Some participants also pointed out that the problem facing politics and politicians is their inability to present the positive effects of European politics on everyday lives. Concrete results should be better presented and justified with European policies, especially those which enable growth and new jobs.

Mazej Kukovič concluded her speech to those preesnt by saying: ?The EPP has undoubtedly the best action programme. It believes in people. Our task is to bring it closer to them, which we can do with the help of social media. I am certain that our sincere belief in the action programme will lead us to success.?

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