Thank you to the FRIENDS OF EUROPE for inviting me.  I would like to  present  what are our chalenges and oportunities to improve colective inteligence sharing within and among the Member states. The next ten years will be Europe’s Digital Decade. EU will invest 20% of the after COVID-19 recovery plan. Particularly … Continue reading


As a Member of the Management Board of the Former Members Association of European Parliament and as Deputy Chair of ECDC Management Board I try to put a lot of attention to raise awareness regarding the COVID-19 wherever is possible. The last face to face FMA MB meeting at the … Continue reading

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COULD BE WHAT WE WANT IT TO BE Our future and our present, overnight, have become more visibly interdependent on digital opportunities, in our relationships within the extended family, associations, the Nation, the European Union or the whole world. Wherever we live, we are more than ever dependent … Continue reading


QUARANTINE The CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 epidemic has found us unprepared and let us realize how vulnerable we are as individuals and the same for all systems of our society. The realization that the quality of life we live in the European Union is not simply granted, but above all it is … Continue reading


 La journée d’étude de l’Association des anciens députés au Parlement européen fait salle comble. Les premières rangées sont occupées par des personnes ayant à leur actif une longue carrière en politique et le reste de l’assemblée est constitué d’étudiants. Le thème choisi est l’avenir de l’Europe, la question étant de … Continue reading

COVID-19 ECDC Risk Assessment

In the European Union, we are experiencing a situation that does not compare to our past experience, when a large part of the European Union countries are lockdown and when citizens need hope and good example. It is a new strain of Coronavirus COVID-19 that has not been previously identified … Continue reading

Coronavirus is changing and will change our way of live

Coronavirus changes our established habits Two decades ago, at a company I ran, we were the first in Slovenia to develop the use of video conferencing with a US / Israeli company. Negotiations for Slovenian EU entry have been made several times from Ljubljana to Brussels with this new technology. … Continue reading

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