Thank you to the FRIENDS OF EUROPE for inviting me. 

I would like to  present  what are our chalenges and oportunities to improve colective inteligence sharing within and among the Member states.

The next ten years will be Europe’s Digital Decade. EU will invest 20% of the after COVID-19 recovery plan.

Particularly during the epidemic and lockdown our lives continue through digital communication channels. This virus changes our habits and the way we socialize.

As a European Citizens we would like that   the new  digital technologies    benefit all of us in our workplace and at home. 

We need to reinvent our mindset within the digital reality and to find out the positive effect in our daily live. Weneed to build  public awareness and acceptance of the new technologys. We need to grow digital literacy.That’s why a focus on education and   on lifelong learning is necessary.  European policy is very much oriented towards creating the convinient environment for the partnership  .  Today the most ekciting  result of the partnership   is  the developed  covid vaccines which is historic succes for humanity.

 There are some misused  of the digitalisation and AI too ,  like fake news and  possible privacy  control. As a citizen we are afraid of being under control all the time.

But still – how could we improve collective intelligence?

European Commission recently propose a new partnership –  to boost collaboration within  academia, research and industry, for the better tackle health emergencies and to support green and digital transition. Besides there is  the more opportunity : 

The first : is the Presidency of the European Council ,this year  Portugal and Slovenia are in charge. One  of the priority  will be a green and digital transition . The second opportunity is European Parliament and national parliaments because the parliament are the  democratic elected body and the Members   have a direct contact with the citizens which is crucial for the awareness and trust among  them. The third opportunity is with the Former Members Association of the European Parliament through EP to Campus program for  the Universities. Universities can apply  the Association  on which  European policy  would like to have  the lecture. It could be also the policy related to digitalization .  The  4th possibility it’s Erasmus program and Jean Monnet program. The young students actually  are the glue of all European nations and they were born in the digital cradle .  The last but not the least is health sector where the citizens are building the trust related to artificial intelligence and digitalization  with  their personal experience. 

Partnership, knowledge, awareness and trust  will improve collective intelligence within and among the Member States FOR THE GOOD OF ALL OF US.


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