Where we are today and what kind of solutions  are visible for the future related to HEALTH UNION in the post COVID-19 EU ?

Among 500 milion European Citizens , after the lockdown and all impact to our social live, there is growing awareness how interdependent we are. The epidemic found us unprepared and let us realize how vulnerable we are as individuals and the same for all systems of our society. The realisation that the quality of live we live in the EU is not simply granted , but above all it is not constant. Uncertanty in one hand and the solidarity in another hand teach us how we need to act in the future. Despite the weak preparednes for such of  crisis,  EU countries  are doing their best to help each other  from donating ventilators to taking the critical patiens. I’d like to pointed out the historicaly important role of the EU Parliament, Commission and  EU Agencie  ECDC by combating the transmissions of the virus. From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, ECDC  advising the authorities in the MS, giving the  scientific based guidance, helping by modeling, by detecting the virus and the variants..  Today EU and MS can learn from the past experince to create the safer future. 

Since december 2019 we have 220 milion cases of COVID 19 and variants worldwide and more than 4 milions deaths. In EU we have almost 38 milions of cases and more than  764000 deaths. The virus is still hier with the new variants and we are in the fourth wave , but some trends are very prommissing.

Thank to the EU connected research and knowlede, the new anticovid vaccines developed under the specific circumstances, giving us the new hope. ECDC Vaccine Tracker is reporting the data on a very transparent way about the numbers of the vacinated cityzens. Today  we have in EU on average 72% of the  full vaccination among adults.  The procentage is pretty lover in some counries ,  where the antivaccination campaigning are stronger, unfortunately also in Slovenia. 

 Our way of live is easier with the Digital Covid Certificate. The question about possible additional vaccine doses should be careffuly considered and delivered in a transparent and clear way to avoid affecting vaccine confidence.


Epidemic made the huge impact  to our lives and create health, social and economic  crisis . Many families lost their loved ones, many steel feel the effects on both their physical and mental health, many have lost their jobs.

Post COVID 19 EU need to be more  digital, sustainable and green, more resilient and better fit for the current and forthcomming chalenges.

  Thats why the new instrument designed to boost the recovery, NEXT GENERATION EU which is

  800 billion recovery instrument to help repair the economic and social damage brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.  

The epidemic shows that there is the needs for the more coordinative and better protect the health of our citizens. Thats why the European Parliament, Commission and the Member states are creating the HEALTH UNION. Health Union aims  to improve EU level protection, prevention, preparedness and response against human health hazards and improve resilience of Europe’s healts systems. Among the key areas is rapid digitalisation of integrated surveillance system, to building capacity for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of specific communicable disease as well as patient safety, to expanding EU level on the prevention to antimicrobila resistance and biosecurity. The most important pilar  of  the Health Union is HERA incubator, which are connecting the EU knowledge and helping to Member States . HERA will cary out threats assesment, develop models for forecast and outbreaks. HERA will also strenghten knowledge and skills on all aspects of medical countermeasures in Member States.

Despite the rich recovery plans, it’s necessary to be aware about healthy live stile across all generation, across policies and sectors. To linking food  and healthy diets, phisical activities , well being and health. We can do a lot on this field as individuals and as Europeans with the our way of live. 

 Ljubljana 28.9.2021.

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