Slovenia: the sport superpower of Europe

A festive mood spread to the European Parliament following the second gold medal of Tina Maze, the medal of Žan Košir and the successes of the Slovenian Lynxes (hockey team), Karja Višnjar, Vesna Fabjan, Peter Prevc and Teja Gregorin. While Slovenia does not always get noticed due to its small size, it is currently shining at its brightest for all to see.

Slovenian MEP Zofija Mazej Kukovič accepted the warm congratulations of her colleagues with pride. They wondered how it could be that such a small country like Slovenia could be so successful at the Olympics.

We must not forget that it is precisely the victories of their athletes, which often makes such small nations recognisable in the world. Mazej Kukovič commented that ?If you look at Slovenia through economic indicators, we are amongst the last in the EU; however, it is you, our athletes, which have brought honour to your homeland. You are the heart and pride of Slovenia, which has become the sport superpower of Europe.?

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