Thank you Mr.President for invitation to today’s ECDC Public Hearing and thank you to Ms. Andrea Amon for the presentation.

I would like to point out two aspect:

Firstly about additional proposal in ECDC approach.

The second about our roles as representatives of European Parliament in ECDC Management Board

After the Brexit is even clearer that European Citizens don’t know enough about the benefits of European institutions. Also ECDC need to get closer to the citizens with ;

  •  communication with the general public which is not the case today
  • coming closer to citizens with  multi languages approach . ECDC documents are available only in English language. Citizens need possibility to reading the web site in own languages especially oldest people. Convincing approach by communication with general public would be a strong force against misinformation like a vaccine hesitancy or  global health issue like Corona virus. Building the confidence of European citizens in the European Institution is probably more needed than ever in recent history.

The second;

about the rules between ENVI and us as representatives in ECDC Management Board appointed from European Parliament Presidency .

We are carrying out the  honorable duties representing European Parliament in the Management Board. We are doing this voluntarily and without remuneration. At least we would like to serve ENVI and respecting Members of European Parliament with the information and our observations related to ECDC.That’s why we missing the clear rules and the way of feedback. It is not enough to have one minute once per year to tell something about the Agency.

With such of improvement we would build the confidence and satisfaction of safety for the EuropeanCitizens.

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