Project MinglEU

Today it is very important that young people know how to ?minglati?, meaning that they are connected, mobile, up to date on online media, that they are able to find opportunities offered to them, that they follow social and political events and that they participate in decisions. Project MinglEU, which takes place in the context of European Year of Citizens, is a project which encourages them to these kinds of connection and active participation. It is intended for young people, aged between 14 and 19 years and represents an opportunity and challenge to first-hand feel the importance of common decision-making on EU level.

On 10th May 2013 a meeting within the context of this project was held at National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. In addition to a large number of high school students, some international and national influential people joined, including Member of the European parliament (MEP) Zofija Mazej Kukovič. Young people had the opportunity to share their views on Europe and their future with those who make decisions for Europe. No matter who makes the decisions, the main topic of this meeting was that we can all make decisions, we can all co-decide. Young people are the ones with new ideas and fresh perspectives and Europe is ready to listen to them. The essence of this kind of projects is precisely this; to awake young people and give them courage to speak out and co-create. ?Young people must be aware of the fact that you are part of the solution, not the problem. Be confident and have the courage to speak out, because you and your ideas are the future of all of us?, said Zofija Mazej Kukovič.

At the end of the meeting high school students divided into groups and all present MEPs and ambassadors joined the groups. Each group received one question, on which they had to answer. The group, which was joined by Mazej Kukovič, had to answer on question where young people see the way out of the crisis? ?We, young people, are not aware of our potentials and we don?t participate enough. This can change if we become more motivated, if we gain more practical experiences and would therefore be able to create our own jobs. Crucial to this is the use of information and communication technologies, which can spread our good idea among people who will contribute to its improvement and implementation. In this way, in the end, a new job can be created?, told the answer of the group high school student Erazem.

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