?CoderDojo? Computer Coding Workshop – European Parliament

I am very hapy to be here with you, young creators and young inovators.
Thank you Sean for this invitation.

I am from a generation that during childhood lived without twitter and without computers. The first computer that I saw, was almost as big as this room. We had to create programs with assembly and cobolt languages. This was far removed from being child-friendly.

Today, you are born with a computer. All of us have to use this opportunity, which we could take from the technical side of the computer. On the other hand, you could easily develop coding, websites, contents for blind people, telemedicine, or distance-learning

I would like to congratulate the founder of this movement Coder Dojo. I would like to welcome the children and their mentors from my home country  of Slovenia. I would also like to welcome all of you in our home, the European parlament.

Four years ago, Slovenia carried out the presidency. Today is the turn for Ireland. On this occasion, they have given us a scarf. It is amazing, becaulse  with this scarf they promote everything: agriculture, beauty, design, tourism, traditional knowledge and warmth.

All of us need warmth, love and inspiration.

All of us, we need to be cool!




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