Bringing European politics to Slovenian gardens

?The goals of my book and the first round of the contest were to bring the supposedly distant European politics closer to the people, including those working in the gardens. The biggest problem is the understanding of European politics and this book presents but one piece in this mosaic,? said MEP Mazej Kukovič at the beginning of her breakfast with journalists on 20th January 2014. During it she presented her new book ?Kickstart Europe? (Požen? Evropo) and the continuation of her contest Food for Health and Jobs.

With the first round, the results of which were presented in the concluding part of her book, MEP Mazej Kukovič wanted to promote local production, love for the earth and the recognition of opportunities that it brings. The second round will focus mostly on finding IT and modern technology based solutions for health and jobs.

?The hoe must be connected with a computer. Today we have access to the internet, the mobile phone and the whole world. We did not have such tools at our disposal in the past. So this new age brings new opportunities and a revival of forgotten activities? said Mazej Kukovič and added that amongst the 150 entrants for the first competition, 50 were considered a potentially self-employable. ?Furthermore, we wish to give to individuals as much information as possible on opportunities for EU financing. Since our presentation of the contest on the European level received a positive response from the Dutch and the Irish, we will link new contestants with similar initiatives in those two countries.?

In her conclusion, the MEP further emphasized her message by saying ?Our youth must be convinced that the earth is important. For 60 years after the end of the Second World War we had to contend with a negative attitude towards agriculture and this is still felt amongst the young today. We should start teaching them in kindergartens that the earth is out future. Children of the winning school in the first competition, Elementary School Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu, presented their knowledge of food and soil during the concluding event. I was surprised at everything they knew, but more importantly, they will continue to carry this knowledge with them throughout their lives.?


For more information, please contact:

Živa Vovk, office of MEP Zofije Mazej Kukovič, Vila Bianca Velenje, +386 (0)5 91 58 672,

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