It is only at the Ljubljana airport that I find that my internet ticket purchase has revealed all the possible small scams I only discovered at the beginning of the journey. Stewardesa kindly tells me that she can’t wait for me to reach my final destination and that I have … Continue reading


I’m on my way from Stockholm to Amsterdam. The speed of the airplane with 900km / h is basically slow compared to changes made by the digital world. Artificial intelligence and mass production of self-learning robots improve our quality of life and at the same time remind us of the … Continue reading

Do we care about the future generation?

With pleasure I participated at University of CLERMONT FERRANT Jean Monet Program ?Europe and sustainable development which took place on November 27th- Dec 1st 2017 in Clermont Ferrand. Also the International Symposium ?Michelin Network of sustainable cities? which took place on 29 and 30 November 2017 where mayors of 40 … Continue reading

?Start up Europe? ? book review

This is a book review was written by the distinghuished Maria Da Graca Carvalho. I am honored by her words and thoughts about the book, that you can buy in bigger bookstores in Slovenia. Every responsible politician should be able to account for his or her activities during the exercise of … Continue reading

When science and policy collaborate for health

Varese, 24-25 Nov 2016. Thank you for this opportunity to the organiser of this Conference. It is events like this that can bring further important development and cooperation on cancer issues. I am very proud that we could say, that this event is also the result of Council conclusions in … Continue reading

You are only truly free when you create your own future

Today, 4th April 2014, MEP Zofija Mazej Kukovič took part in a discussion with high schools students from Ravne na Koroškem, which was organised by Europe Direct Koroška and the A.L.P. Peca organisation. Throughout the discussion, participants were able to familiarise themselves with work in the European Parliament and at … Continue reading

We cannot replace our health, so let us safeguard it

MEP Zofija Mazej Kukovič, who heads the MEP Group for Kidney health in the European Parliament, hosted yesterday the ?Health Inequalities in the EU: Access to Kidney Care & Transplantation in Europe? conference. At least 8 per cent of people living in the EU have some sort of chronic kidney … Continue reading

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